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Updating All Sites

Just to let you know what’s happening on the sites and what I’m doing as a writer/webmaster. Some people might be curious.

To keep content safe I regularly update everything: wordpress, plugins, themes, everything. It takes time, although not nearly what it used to!


Latest updates include:

The regular platform ones and refreshing themes. I am refreshing the branding on Ilona’s Garden first, since that is my main website. I’ve been all over the place with fonts, look, taglines. Maybe because it is my oldest viable site, and the one I am most identified with, I feel I need to make the decision to use a certain look that works for giving readers a real idea about the site and my writing. Still using DIVI theme, which has some brand new page looks, etc!


Revamped Gallery Of Pages


I’ve been reducing the amount of ads, improving popular articles, improving navigation, adding better images.

Next will be Garden Librarian, then the Garden Journal, and the Reflecting Pool sites after that.

I just got through paying for my hosting for the coming year.


This year, 2016, I improved my output and that is where I am concentrating all my real efforts. I have written many more articles for the Garden site and the journal, and moved the hubpage articles there.

Wow, that was a lot of work. Besides adding more info, editing, and working on the images, hubpage formatting had to be completely revamped. Each article took hours of work before publishing on my own sites.

What has suffered the most is my newsletter, which I put on the backburner until I have more articles. I got tired of telling people what I was going to do, rather than doing it. I think my readers got tired of that, too.

I think the end of summer will be a good time to renew newsletter writing.


Yes, I am still writing on Hubpages, or maybe a better term is grooming and giving maintenance to the articles still there. I did branch out into a new topic… all the British TV I watch! Yes, that is what i do to relax.


I have a cute new theme that will help make the different types of posts more distinctive from each other. Percolating on the stove is more video, which requires a certain frame of mind to create. I hope the format on this page will highlight when I have a new type of article or media to share with you all.


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