All Things Change

Yes, Squidoo did change! I now have a second Hubpages account that holds all the lenses that were able to be changed over. Some didn’t make the cut, and I  revised as many as possible to work on the Hubpages format and within their guidelines.  An increasing number had to be rewritten for my own blogs.

The “personal story” style that Squidoo aimed for is not desirable on Hubpages. In that way perhaps it will be easier for me to write, since I tend to report and educate, rather than tell stories.


updated to add: it no longer matters if you are liked or followed on Hubpages, it has changed so much. The new niche sites hold the pages that are deemed worthwhile, and if readers share them, that is a bonus for the writer (in the sense of more traffic).

Everything was revised, updated, and much is now in the process of being moved to my own sites. Hubpages, itself seems to have little future with all the best writing moving to their niches sites and the old pages on the main site have almost no visitors or search engine visibility.

I mentioned in the About page that I write for Squidoo. That ended with the turnover of all articles to Hubpages.


If you wish to know more about this form of online writing and what my opinions/experiences are, please visit the Webhelp section of my Reflecting Pool blog.

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