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I answered Garden Questions on Quora

Today I spent a little time answering some gardening questions on the Quora site. I don’t usually do this, simply because I tend to forget about the site and the fact that I belong to it!

Just too many irons in the fire usually. But I do find it fun to answer queries like this, and would do more on the Facebook page for Ilona’s Garden, if only people would ask.

As an example I am embedding one of the more cut and dried answers I’ve given here:
Read Ilona EE‘s answer to What do I need to know before I plant a tree? on Quora

One thing I do notice is how broad the questions often are. I guess many of don’t realize how specialized gardening topics can be. Besides our climate zones, plants range from those who happy almost anywhere ( we often call them “weeds”) and those which are so highly particular that they grow only under the most careful and specific conditions.

Do you have favorite garden forums?