I have a growing number of garden sites.

The main website is Ilona’s Garden, which is full of information on how you can make your own garden a beautiful place. It has plant profiles and design guidance.

My garden blog is Ilona’s Garden Journal, which is one of the “pioneer” garden blogs of the blogosphere.

Now, the Garden Librarian is a new site dedicated to garden book reviews and related news and opinions. Good garden books are one of the best ways to learn how garden intelligently, despite the ease of the internet.

Ilona1.com was begun to provide a hub for my online work. I originally started “My Reflecting Pool” to replace the old geocities Ilona’s Reflecting Pool, which was the original site for all my work before yahoo closed it. I’m thinking of consolidating it into the ilona1.com domain.

What you may actually find more exciting is the income producing portion of what I do online. I started getting serious about Zazzle, finally (after being a member of the site for lots of years without having any idea how to begin working on it).

I also began writing at Squidoo, which was out of frustration that the garden blogging community seemed to be shunning me. You know how they say “make lemonade”? Well Squidoo has proven to be a real help in providing ever increasing levels of income. Although it is more of a writing exercise platform, since the money made is not enough to be a working wage. Still, it helps pay the bills for hosting, etc.

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