Changing Your URL

They say you shouldn’t change your url, especially for an established blog. Well, I did that. In the hopes of creating a better reader experience I signed up for the Google Pagespeed beta. It is a free service while they experiment with it, and then it is unsure how much it will cost. I had been using the free Cloudflare, which I liked, but it kept getting hit with attacks from the spammers and I had outages because of that and sometimes the site was very slow.

The Pagespeed service needs the “www.” in from of the url address and I didn’t have it set up that way. It was a real hassle changing it. Finally the host technicians got it to point to the database, but there were still residual problems. Of course, now I have less cred with Google with a different url which redirects, etc. I hope changing was worth it.

There did seem to be a small benefit from changing, and I hope in the long run that this will prove true.

I have been busy correcting all the linking urls on my site, and related sites (like here). That is a lot of work!

On the whole I think it is advice well taken to think twice before changing an established url. It can be a long climb back.