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Heard The News About Squidoo?

copywritingIn August it was announced that Squidoo had sold its content to Hubpages, a similar type of site (but with significant differences).

Squids were in a hubbub, and given opportunity to choose an early opt-in or take their content elsewhere, the remainder of the members work gets transferred automatically, and the whole process is slated to be finalized by October 2014.

I decided to do early opt-in since I had already opened an account, see Ilona1 on Hubpages. That allowed me to buffer the shock a bit, since I had become aware of the difference in writing between the two sites. Still, the actual changes and work involved are more than anticipated.

Hubpages was faring better than Squidoo in its relationship with Google changes, and its traffic was better. I’d say not everyone in the HP community is completely happy with absorbing Squidoo writers into their midst.

I had not been as active a member at Hubpages, and still feeling my way. Money-wise, it is unclear whether the lenses will continue to make the income that they did on Squidoo. I am trying to adjust to the style changes of Hubpages, although at this point I might say I like it better than I did and might even now prefer the format to the old Squidoo.

After the initial spurt of work at recreating and customizing the old writing into the new format of HP, I do think I will concentrate on writing for and building my own sites. It was to aid my sites that I first forayed into Squidoo, and then got totally sucked in and neglected my own patch of the web.

Hoping I learned my lesson!


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