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That Magic Moment

Fairegarden outdid herself today.


Sierra Exif JPEG
It is easy to see on a day like this how early humans would believe in the sun as a deity. Imagine a fear that the darkness of night, even when the stars and moon are visible to provide illumination, might last forever. How welcome the first light of morning would seem then. It is my favorite time of day, as the color switch is flipped to the on position.

Sierra Exif JPEG
I like to go outside at dawn, when it is light enough to not trip and fall on the steep slope and slippery paths but the great golden orb has not yet risen high enough to wash over the garden.

Sierra Exif JPEG
Sometimes I have the camera along to enjoy and record the magic show, as the flower colors begin to brighten.

Sierra Exif JPEG
There are spider webs everywhere, many stretching across the pathways right at the level of my head, the better to…

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