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Growing Pains

Flowers I bought and only half are planted
Flowers I bought and only half are planted

I keep forgetting about this blog… in fact I have too many blogs going and a number are suffering the same fate as this one. I need to thin them out by deleting one or two, or more. Or combining them.

I have been dragging my feet on Zazzle, too, but it isn’t just sluggishness on my part. I do write quite a bit and the fact that I took another long vacation out west (not complaining!!!) meant that online work just had to take a back seat.

Here is a list of my blogs that I have worked in lately:
Ilona’s Garden ~ wrote new pages and updated.

Ilona’s Garden Journal ~ wrote new posts


Those were the posts written since I got back and I posted to google+1, twitter, a few facebook pages, and updated some Squidoo and Hubpages articles. So I have been working.

I use an obscure blog like this one on blogspot to backlink my Squidoo lenses and write miscellaneous things about Squid stuff. I haven’t been posting there for a little while. It would help if there were some sort of focus or plan. But there isn’t she said cheerily.