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I’ve decided to start using this site

After letting it languish, I finally decided that this site could be useful. Ever since starting the Ilona’s Garden Zazzle shop, it seems that I should have a place where I post the news about my projects and what is happening with my sites. I’ve taken a new interest in kickstarting some of the old projects.

For instance, besides the artistic endeavors at Zazzle, I began posting about things that I find helpful about the techy side of working on computers and using wordpress, etc. Those posts are at my “WebHelp” blog.

Yes, everything is still somewhat scattered, but at least there is a focus for each blog. I might even dismantle my original blog “truegrit” which had its home at for so long. I cut my teeth on WordPress blogging on that site. But I still can’t seem to make the final decision on that. I have almost 2500 or so posts on that blog.

But this was just a little ” hello, again, it’s been a long time” kind of post to re-introduce myself after so long a time.